Some of our Rental Projects

Bed & Breakfast – Antwerp

For this rental project we were asked to completely furnish a 5 room bed & breakfast in Antwerp. The owners wishes were to have a bright, spacious and unique interior in all the rooms of beautifully restored 1700 trading warehouse. We decided for white as a base colour and added per room different styles and colours to complement the historic character of the building. We furnished all rooms with unique interior found nowhere else which has all been restored and modernized by our team by hand. 

The Suite – B&B Antwerp


The Comfy Room – B&B Antwerp


The Cozy Room – B&B Antwerp

The Luxe Room – B&B Antwerp

Cozy Apartment – Utrecht

The owner of this beautifully located apartment in Utrecht asked for a bohemian and colourful interior that would bring nature into her home. Not too much furniture was her wish, as the apartment was just over 50m2. Because the walls were already painted deep green we complemented this with yellow and orange details in the living room and kitchen en suite. For the bedroom we refurbished a really great (late 1800′) make-up table and fitted it next to the comfortable queen-sized bed. 

Historic Apartment Building – Amsterdam

We were very happy that we could furnish this apartment in Amsterdam city center. What a beautiful place to live! The owner didn’t have any specific wishes, however all furniture had to be one of a kind. And, except for the sofa & king-sized boxspring, all of our furniture of course is one of a kind! Because of the limited space in the apartment we went with bright antique with wood-colours that really nice complement the historic wooden floor.

1930’ Family House – Amstelveen

This 1930’s house was decorated with both modern and antique furniture. Because it accommodated a family of 4 we had to make sure there was enough space to sit down, run around and to enjoy each others company in the shared living spaces. We furnished the master bedroom for the parents rather minimalist with most of the space occupying the monstrous 200*220 boxspring. The 2 other bedrooms for the children were all furnished with secretaries to study, chairs to chill and other miscellaneous. 

Late 1800’ Maisonnette – Haarlem

For this interior in Haarlem we met one of the owners of the maisonnette and came over to hand-pick all the furniture items. Wishes: classic with a touch of today. The square teak dining-table with pre-war velvet chairs really make a presence in the living-room. Nice detail, some of the furniture in this home was saved from an old Syrisch-Orthodox church which we refurbished and modernized by hand to current standards.  

1970’ Family House – The Hague

This ground-level house in Den Hague was furnished with a white & blue 1970′ vintage interior. Just as the house was! The blue vintage chairs designed by Jan de Bouvrie and gently complement the stone floor of the living room. Because it was nice weather and the owner of this accommodation had a large (huge) garden, we added an awesome lounge-set for 4 people for outside leisure! 

Steampunk Interior – Amsterdam

Our client wished a steam-punk interior that wasn’t too Jules Verne. We did our best to make these wishes come true and we think we did. Please note that the images are not the best have ever made, but we really liked to share this unique interior with you.

Large Studio – Rotterdam

For this accommodation we had to create as many living spaces in 1 single studio. And we did! We created a bohemian style studio with many colours, plants, flowers and decoration that fits all needs for a newlywed couple! Nice touch, the large tapestry on the wall is an original made by hand in Northern India.

Maisonnette Livingroom – Enschede

For this project we decorated a very luxurious student accommodation in Enschede. We had to provide furniture that is sturdy and could handle a bunch of wildly partying dudes. Furthermore they wished a rural/rustic look for their shared spaces, all their bedrooms were merely furnished with queen-sized beds and a dressoir as they preferred to decorate their own private spaces themselves!