Some of our Rental Projects

Bright & Sunny Apartment Amsterdam

For this apartment our client didn’t have any wishes. A cart blanche, so to say. We checked the website where the apartment was listed on and made an interior plan. Because of the many top to bottom windows with the light shining in we created a bright and sunny interior that complemented the house. For contrast we added some matt-black furniture items to make the whole interior pop! As for the van Gogh style bedroom we picked the linen so it matches the wallpaper. 

Rent Interior Amsterdam

2 living areas the Hague

This family with two older children needed some space for all of them. As their living room was spacious and was divided in 3 area’s we suggested to go for 2 living area’s. 1 for the TV and entertainment and 1 for reading a book and to host guests. Kids happy, parents happy, everyone (including us) happy! 

Rent Furniture Den Haag

Family Home Amstelveen

This young family was on a budget and was very modest in their request. They only wanted the essentials. We understand that in these times you need be on a budget, but we didn’t comply to their modesty. Especially with a young family, nothing more is important than to feel at home. And with just a sofa and a dining chair, nobody will feel at home. We were very happy to accommodate their wishes to an extend they didn’t know was possible. 

Rent Furniture Amstelveen

Entertaining Rotterdam

This client only had 2 wishes. 1. Comfortable seating for him and his friends and 2. a large modern 4K Smart TV. And this is exactly what we delivered. A huge 55″ TV with comfortable seating for him and his guests. Because the accommodation wasn’t too big we had to work with the space that was provided to us. For example, the TV stand also hosts a lot of storage and the glass-steel tables and open steel dresser created a spacious ambiance. And because there was still a bit of space left in the room, our client asked for a workplace if possible. The next day we brought a large but space creating desk-set so he could work also comfortably from home. Whatever it takes to make you feel at home!

Rent Furniture Rotterdam

Des Bouvrie Wassenaar

Sometime we restore really special items. We restored some beautiful Des Bouvrie art deco ’70 lounge chairs and waited for the right accommodation to put them in. And then this really great home in Wassenaar came along, which was constructed in the same art deco style. Our client actually asked for 2 large sofa’s, but we convinced her to have a large sofa with the 2 chairs. And glad we did, they really work well with the rest of the living room. The other items are handpicked according to the art deco style of the chairs, such as the lamps and the coffee- and side tables.

Rent Furniture Wassenaar

Short Furniture Rental Utrecht

For us it doesn’t matter if you rent for 1 year or for just 3 months. Our goal is to make you feel at home, far away from home. Our client was waiting for her own furniture to arrive by container and for this reason she rented with us. As we had to deliver within 1 day, we just packed as much items as we could and brought them to Utrecht. Together with our client we decided on the spot what to use in her apartment. The place looked great as always and our client felt at home right away. 

Rent Furniture Utrecht

4 shades of grey in Enschede

We always listen to our client’s wishes and in this case we had to work with the colour grey. The more grey the better was our goal. And we delivered. Funny outcome was that the whole apartment in Enschede, after we were finished, got a blue-ish vibe all the way. Although we only worked with grey tones in different by matt colours. Of course we added some items that really stood out, like the matt black vase with flowers or the industrial dresser behind the dining table which was the perfect place to put some more plants. 

Rent Furniture Enschede

Cozy Interior Amsterdam

For this cozy maisonette in the heart of Amsterdam we really worked with the ambiance of the accommodation. The beautiful wooden floor, the beams, everything in the apartment is complemented by our tailor made interior. Sometimes less is more; and in this case it really is. Because our tenant required some more seating we, of course, delivered more after the project was finished. We find it important to listen to our clients’ wishes, even after the delivery has taken place. We are happy about our work when you are happy and feel home in our interior.

Rent furniture Amsterdam

Industrial Interior Antwerp

This rental project is set up for a movie set. For the reason we always highly regard the accommodation’s vibe and tailor our interior accordingly; we worked closely with a set director to create the best possible interior for this loft in Antwerp. For example, the designer sofa was refurbished by hand in our atelier to complement the walls. And all the other furniture was  designed to create the best possible outcome. We designed around the absence of light in the loft which was a real challenge, but we pulled it off anyway!

Denmark meets Amsterdam

Because our clients had to wait for their furniture to arrive in the Netherlands we were asked to provide temporary interior for about 2 months. So we did! For this rental project we went for a Danish-meets-Amsterdam interior, as this was our client’s wish. Specific, but we like that. Please note that the fabrics on the pictures are a little wrinkly, this is because the sofa’s covers and bedlinnen are new! We care a lot about hygiene, so you can relax worry free in your new accommodation.  

Worry Free Quality Interior Apeldoorn

This rental project wasn’t easy. We had a budget, we have our high standards and our client needed it yesterday. And although the floors were not even in the house, we also don’t want our client to be left in the cold! We created a beautiful fresh and modern living-room with a comfortable leather sofa. With the large (180*210cm!) hotel quality boxspring we made sure that the tenant could start working fresh immediately the next day. Also want to rent worry free? Contact us now for the options!

Budget Interior Rental Apeldoorn

Family House Amsterdam

For this rental project we furnished a large family house in the Amsterdam city center. We wanted to create a lavish classic but with a modern touch style interior. All tailored to our client’s wishes of course. We created a beautiful black interior with unique items to complement the house’s ambiance. Because we mixed modern with antique details we really got the best out of the house! 

Neo Classic Family House Amsterdam

Modern Apartment Rotterdam

We (and our client of course) were very happy with the outcome of this rental project. We had a very limited of time to prepare, everything had to be ready in less than a day. And, because the apartment was rather small but light, we had to think of a way to incorporate the best features of the accommodation. For the rest we had cart blanche. We wanted to create space but still give the apartment a cozy & homey feeling. And see: a beautiful interior that fits the apartment perfectly.  

Modern Light Interior Rental Projects

Beautiful Apartment Amsterdam

We have rental projects and we have projects to make our client feel at home right away. Our client wished for a few items such as: a bed, a dining table, a sofa and a lamp. Of course we brought this, however putting some single items into an accommodation doesn’t make it a home. And this is what we do! So we added some more items, a few little cabinets and some modest decoration. Now it’s a home, now our client can start living here and most important, now we can be proud of what we do! Making houses into homes.

Furniture Rental Amsterdam

Penthouse Rotterdam

For this rental project we got to furnish a beautiful penthouse in Rotterdam. And we did! We provided a super large bed to complement the even larger bedroom, added a great looking teak dining table and really went all out. Our client wanted to have a comfy sofa so we installed a large fluffy corner-sofa for extra comfort to watch her 50″ 4K smart-TV.

Rental Project Rotterdam

Family Home The Hague

We had a clear assignment. A full interior for a family house that is kid proof. Our client has 2 little boys who are, to say the least, a little naughty. We made a great looking interior with furniture that was safe, didn’t have any sharp edges, that would’t fall over easily and also fitted beautifully with the house (from 1910) details. The interior turned out great and the little rascals also approved our furniture! Game on!

Rental Project The Hague

Classic Apartment Brussels

For this rental project we partnered close with our client who works for an embassy. We wanted to make the interior fit with the apartment and her personality. Because she likes to invited people over for small diner parties we chose a round table and installed it in the kitchen. So she can entertain her guests and make a great meal at the same time. In addition we have provided her with a more than complete kitchen package, so she is always prepared to cook and host her friends! Enjoy!

Rental Project Brussels

Double Bedroom Apartment Den Hague

We have had many furniture rental projects so far but this one was special. This beautiful apartment located on the 17th floor was spacious, light and had a breathtaking view. Our aim was to incorporate this spaciousness and view into our furniture. And we pulled it off! The interior complements the view of the apartment and is an asset to the characteristics of the accommodation. 

Apartment Den Hague Furniture Rental

Art Nouveau Princess Bedroom

We were very much honoured when our client (and now dear friend!) asked us to redesign her bedroom. She asked for a princess and art nouveau interior. The furniture, a Jugendstil bedroom-set from around 1900, had to be refurbished so it would endure another 120 years. We worked on the bed, wardrobe, night-stands and beautiful make-up table with pleasure… and with great results! The bedroom-set is stunning and will last for another few decades to be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Art Nouveau Bedroom Rotterdam

Student Budget Interior Amsterdam

For this rental project we had to act fast. The request was on Friday to be delivered on Monday. On a budget. A student budget that is! We like a challenge and most of all to help out, especially when you’re new to the Netherlands! We delivered a more than complete living-room, dining area, complete kitchen set and a huge(!) 180*200 boxspring-bed to get some well deserved rest. And all within budget so our client has some money to spend on socializing and study books!

Budget Interior Amsterdam

Classic Maisonette Den Hague

For this beautiful apartment we managed to create a beautiful bohemian and spacious interior. Because out lessee has a little boy we created a special superman room for him! Yes we did!

3 Bedroom Villa Veldhoven

For this rental project we were asked to create a spacious and timeless interior for a gorgeous modern 3 bedroom villa in Veldhoven. We made a special turquoise boy’s bedroom and managed to keep the master bedroom both spacious and cozy at the same time! 

3 Bedroom Villa Veldhoven

Family Home Den Hague

For this rental project we had to work with a budget. And, if we may say, managed to make this house better than great! Our interior was tailor made for his beautiful 1930’s residential home in the city center of Den Hague. Our aim was to make our clients feel at home the moment they walked in, and we did! This house is beautifully furnished and was 100% suit-case ready when they finally arrived in their new home!

Cozy Family Home

Tailor Made Interior for Loft – Den Hague City

This rental project is special. We custom build an interior for our client’s 2 bedroom loft in Den Hague city center. We used the beautiful light that the loft has and incorporated this in our design to make something truly special! Spacious, gracious and mostly comfortable. Contact us to see how we can make your dream home come true!

Tailor Made Loft - Den Hague

Bed & Breakfast – Antwerp

For this rental project we were asked to completely furnish a 5 room bed & breakfast in Antwerp. The owners wishes were to have a bright, spacious and unique interior in all the rooms of beautifully restored 1700 trading warehouse. We decided for white as a base colour and added per room different styles and colours to complement the historic character of the building. We furnished all rooms with unique interior found nowhere else which has all been restored and modernized by our team by hand. 

The Suite – B&B Antwerp


The Comfy Room – B&B Antwerp


The Cozy Room – B&B Antwerp

The Luxe Room – B&B Antwerp

Cozy Apartment – Utrecht

The owner of this beautifully located apartment in Utrecht asked for a bohemian and colourful interior that would bring nature into her home. Not too much furniture was her wish, as the apartment was just over 50m2. Because the walls were already painted deep green we complemented this with yellow and orange details in the living room and kitchen en suite. For the bedroom we refurbished a really great (late 1800′) make-up table and fitted it next to the comfortable queen-sized bed. 

1930’ Family House – Amstelveen

This 1930’s house was decorated with both modern and antique furniture. Because it accommodated a family of 4 we had to make sure there was enough space to sit down, run around and to enjoy each others company in the shared living spaces. We furnished the master bedroom for the parents rather minimalist with most of the space occupying the monstrous 200*220 boxspring. The 2 other bedrooms for the children were all furnished with secretaries to study, chairs to chill and other miscellaneous. 

Late 1800’ Maisonnette – Haarlem

For this interior in Haarlem we met one of the owners of the maisonnette and came over to hand-pick all the furniture items. Wishes: classic with a touch of today. The square teak dining-table with pre-war velvet chairs really make a presence in the living-room. Nice detail, some of the furniture in this home was saved from an old Syrisch-Orthodox church which we refurbished and modernized by hand to current standards.  

1970’ Family House – The Hague

This ground-level house in Den Hague was furnished with a white & blue 1970′ vintage interior. Just as the house was! The blue vintage chairs designed by Jan de Bouvrie and gently complement the stone floor of the living room. Because it was nice weather and the owner of this accommodation had a large (huge) garden, we added an awesome lounge-set for 4 people for outside leisure! 

Steampunk Interior – Amsterdam

Our client wished a steam-punk interior that wasn’t too much Jules Verne. We did our best to make these wishes come true and we think we did. Please note that the images are not the best have ever made, but we really liked to share this unique interior with you.