Furniture rental for Apartments

Ideal for expats and couples

Interior tailored to your apartment & needs

We provide you with everything you need. Just bring your personal belongings such as clothes and we take care of the rest. That’s it. In consultation with you we decide together what you want and what fits in your apartment, which means we provide just about anything that will make your life as comfortable as we can.

Think of a double bed and everything you need to have a good night rest. All the kitchenware, plates, cutlery, mugs and glasses you need. Yes, of course incl. a coffee machine, watercooker and a 1 person’s oven!

Dining table, side tables, chairs, plants and decoration to make your apartment look awesome. Ah and a comfortable modern couch of course, or 2 couches if it fits! We make your apartment as great as we can. And because we all like our choirs we provide complementary vacuum cleaner, ironing equipment and other tools to make your place and yourself shine each day..

For some items we need to charge a little extra, but we think you understand. Think of a 40″ Smart-TV for instance, a dishwasher or a bike. But in all fairness, this is just like our furniture the best you can get!

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Apartment prices

You only pay for what you rent. This means that delivery, installing and picking everything up is free of charge. In general we can already deliver all your interior you want within 2 days!

Obviously, the longer you rent the better price we can provide you. Although we are a social and eco-friendly organisation, that’s how economics work..

Check out our Furniture Rental Packages to see what interior fits best to your situation & request a competitive quote!

And to make things easier and cheaper for all of us: when you decide to pay everything in advance we will give you a discount you can’t refuse or provide you with a free bike to use. Contact us or request a quote and see how we can help.