What we do and why we do this

We are dedicated to save 3 things..

Save you money

To actually be a social organisation that wants to save the world we believe that the people that can make this happen should profit first. To be environmentally and socially sustainable we need to be economically sustainable.

And this is all about how our services are designed. How we can make you, our client, rent our furniture.

Yes, we can argue that our prices are very competitive and low (please compare us with other furniture rental agencies!!). However we don’t want you to rent our furniture because we are so affordable, wen want you to use our services because we have such great interior designs.

Because what makes us so great is that we have unique quality furniture with character. You won’t find most of our interior at common interior stores. We use furniture that most people don’t like anymore. We paint, modernize, refurbish and love this furniture in a way so that everyone likes it again.

Save our planet

We highly believe that most of the mass-produced items we buy in our consumer based economy don’t affect our environment in a positive way. To say the least. We also believe that all these generic items, in our case furniture, are ugly and lack originality. We think that everyone deserves a personal and unique interior.

To counter depletion of resources and to minimize the ecological footprint of our society we mainly use furniture that stems from circular sources. Quality furniture that other people don’t want anymore. We take these items and refurbish them. We give them a new life and making them look awesome and in line with contemporary needs.

Our unique mix of craftsmanship, love and design makes kicked-off furniture new again. We make interior shine and give them the new life they so much deserve.

Save all people

What goes with our awesome furniture also goes with our awesome staff. We employ professionals who have difficulty finding their place on the Dutch labour market or society. Think of elderly carpenters, highly skilled immigrants or any other person. We don’t judge!

It makes us angry that such a large group of great craftsmen and woman are sometimes neglected by commercial organisations. For whatever profitable reasons that may be, we do provide a place where they can blossom and find true spirit again.

We are a platform for those who want to do something great. Just by loving and refurbishing awesome furniture we can make our society a little more social and a little less boring.

By restoring quality furniture our staff restore a balance in our environment. And, by doing so, restore a little what we have all lost in the past.