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We turn your house into a home

Step 1: Choose your package

Our complete turn-key package: feel at home right away!

Our basic+ complete package: modest and comfortable!

Create your own package: choose the furniture you need!

Step 2: Tell us your wishes

Extra bedroom? No problem!

Don’t need a TV? You get a discount!

Rent a laundry machine & dryer? We got ya!

Step 3: Request a quote

Which city are you going to live in?

How many months are expecting to rent?

We send you a quote right away!

Friendly & Affordable

We are a friendly company that doesn’t focus on high economic profits. We think our staff and environment should profit.

This mostly means for our clients that in most cases that our rates are more affordable and our service more personal.

Just rent an unfurnished accommodation that is perfect for you and let us take care of the rest! We make your house a home!

Awesome furniture

We only provide our clients with beautiful and unique interior pieces. Not only because it looks good, but moreover because it does good. Good for you, good for our society.

Most of our furniture comes from circular sources. We use unique kicked-off interior that we refurbish and modernize for contemporary needs. So you can live worry-free in style.

Circular & Social

We believe that quality and unique furniture should get a second chance. Sometimes a little paint, new fabrics or just a little love makes a difference. 

The same goes with our staff. We employ elderly and other fragile professionals who have lost themselves in the Dutch labour market. Their skills and experience don’t go to waste: They make everything so much more beautiful.

What you pay is what you rent

Your interior comes all-in, turn-key and 100% worry free. Just bring your clothes and personal items and we take care of the rest. And you pay for exactly just that!

This means that you only pay a small monthly fee so we can do our job. Which is saving, refurbishing and modernizing awesome interior pieces with great people.

What you rent is what you pay

  • No delivery costs
  • No decoration or installment fees
  • No breakdown fees
  • No pick-up costs

Tailored to your needs

We don’t give you the choice if it comes to mass-produced low quality furniture. We believe we can make the world a better place by refurbishing and modernizing awesome furniture.

Yet, we find it important you feel at home. When you have wishes, for instance a working space or an extra blanket; we’ve got you covered! We always tailor our interiors to your way of living.

We are flexible and you can already rent a full interior from 3 months. Our prices start from:

€150 for a room per month

€200 for a studio per month

€250 for an apartment per month

For full houses or 2 bedroom apartments please contact us for a tailored quotation

A little different, a lot better

Furniture rental Netherlands is not your standard interior service. Yes, we also deliver within days. Yes, we also rent for just about any given period. And yes, just like all the other furniture rentals we have great service. However, what makes us stand apart is the way we think. The way we act towards our clients, our staff and our society. We believe that we can have a social impact and that that everyone can win. Or, in our case everyone can save. We are bit different, but that’s what makes us better.

We save interior. We believe that the quality and design of refurbished furniture is a lot better than the cardboard mass-produced furniture you buy a most stores these days.

You save money. Because we use such awesome furniture we keep our costs low. This means you profit from this on a monthly basis. And feel good about it while doing so. We do!

Together we save our environment. We cannot save furniture or employ social fragile professionals without you. But don’t choose our service because of the social impact it will have, choose us because we have great non-standard interior designs that will set your home apart.

Furniture Rental Netherlands
Furniture Rental Netherlands